BoriKane: The Album

by BoriKane

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Two uncivilized Puerto Rican desperado emcees warranted to wear their jackets backward and speak in whatever accent they choose to pull out of their asses meet in the San Francisco Bay. Gazing upon eachother while holding their staffs and beacons of magic with their power totem animals carrying them, they conjure the spirits of Celia Cruz, Freddie Prinze and Christopher Rios. The Taino Flygirls of old and new dance in the sunlight! The coqui frog ascends down from the Heaven. The Yellowcake is good. The Golden Gate Bridge escapes another military induced tsunami and lives to see another day.

Taste Nate & GiGiO are... "BoriKane: The Album".

This album would not have been possible w/o apple cider vinegar shots, magical mushrooms, quail eggs, hot (chi) tea, kombucha and Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.


released September 20, 2014

Taste Nate & GiGiO are BoriKane...

featuring J-Red, Notorious Boris, BlackCloudMC, 7rupae 7orribio, The Mighty Leeban, Hayley Goldstein, Ray Rosario, Danielle Renee & Swollcat Matt!

fts. cuts by DJ Behold on "Fallen Messiahs"

w/ musical production by Lord Lorenz, Kaef Black, Jaymar aka All_Key, J-Red, Dren Doh & Taste Nate.



all rights reserved


BoriKane San Francisco, California

Taste Nate & GiGiO...
the greatest Puerto Rican mestizo rappers out the Bay Area team together as BoriKane!

Word to Moses & Jesus!

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Track Name: BoriKane
(Taste Nate)
If you don’t use it then you lose it
Ain’t that bout a trick,
Cause my music don’t get pussy
You can still hol my dick
And ball barrings
assembly line worker keeps
Slowing down production,
you keep talking bout your money
And he was screaming out,
you the definition of a hustler,
A male prostitute soliciting all male customers,
How does one save ones community?
Save ones, ones from outward stupidity.
Im the tiger if this life is pie,
See the stars in the water and the water in the sky,
Raining there’s another method of your wealth pullout,
So vain even at the store you have to self-checkout,
Ill do everything on the tabloids now,
So If I get famous they can’t lie about me now
Bori Kane Heavy How you like me now,

Knowledge reigns supreme so wise the dumb
Fight for your rights or call 9-1-1
but that's the joke move from coast to coast
It ain't funny when ya folks is broke, what you supposed to do?
The moment of truth, The chickens came home to roost
spittin' alphabet quotable soup
over noodles & loops, plus oodles of o's
Scars, I gotta few of those but I'm beautiful though
Many try to figure out why I live this way
Is it a game? Is it critical aim for fame?
Give it up G, you ain't gettin' no pay, You nearly minimum wage
Ain't you sick of it, mayng?
Well I might be sick in the brain but that's irrelevant
However my essence is infinite & I be tellin' 'em
the nitty gritty but they don't hear me, Oh whadda pity
Survival is a must so trust, who comin' wit' me?
BoriKane, Reign like 40 days
40 nights, blood orgy stains
You see the fire in the sky? Best record these thangs
Flame, how you like me now?

(Taste Nate)
Pick you off the ground that’s how
I’d get a rep off ya,
When yelling was the sound,
That always kept yall up,
Late nights when your parents,
Didn’t protect young punks,
From their own problems,
Where acceptunces comes,
Needing thicker walls and smaller doorways,
Instead its thinner blood and wider growth space,
Mix this BoriKane with fiber find your folks maine,
We’ve been disconnected like the wire close range,
Lengthy conversations about short-lived foreign kings,
History doesn’t repeat its just been quarantined,
Formality just a glimpse into restrictive Normalcy,
Forgot how to spell who you are
Before you could learn to read
It I strip all my cream
Then I drip all my gleam
I’d rather rip off my skeen,
Before I clip all my team,
Mix the Borikane while I sow up my seems
Now you can’t see where I stick all my steeeze,

Lyrics that'll make you call the cops
or get close to God, hittin' you on the spot
twistin' your arm in knots, making you make a choice now
and you shouldn't be afraid cuz we hard as rock
Fuck bonds and stocks, We all we got
What goes up comes down, see me fallin' off
but I'll be back for more, sure as she wrote On & On
I'm a rap phenomenon
GiGiO & Taste Nater, like Hey Neighbor!
Ain't your regular space invaders who chasin' paper, We way major
Let's make a wager
Who will survive in Amerikkka with the three k's? I say, "Us!"
Raised in the Bay, I'm laced up
True lies you j-cats make up so stay hushed
My blood rush santeria and voodoo verse
Living in this world, you just might go cuckoo bird
Str8 from the underground where you'll find me grimey
thriving, done it all whilst 9-to-5ing, grinding
God practice
in the midst of ghetto odd factors
Coppers & thugs, they all actors
Track Name: Yeah Yeah!
Taste Nate:

Taste Nater Gigio
San Fran Sofrito
Van Morrison
Moon dance
Sander Van Doorn
Neon Samurai Sword
Fantasy Island
Da Plane Da Plane
Im the Pilot
Episode 8
Yellow Cake
Smoking Robert Plants
For Anxiety
Whole Lotto Love
Mulotto likes lava lamps
Every Luna lady
Janis Joplin resemblance
Take a bill gram
Get Lifted George McCrae
LSD Tripping on
A Jeffrey Airplane
Ima a nature boy
With a trace of Percy Sledge
You can paint it black
But I prefer my Otis Red
If you come to my Dock
I might sink your Submarine
But it’s not that likely
Im 8 Miles High up off these Greens
Im in the City by the Sea


Girls rub your titties like the DJ
spinning Simon Says cuz I'm feelin' like a g
At the Boom Boom Room, like I'm John Lee Hooker
disarming charming lookers
Girls pick me like Biz Markie's boogers
I'm sorry, sugar
but I don't date slores and I hate party poopers
plus I stopped eating pork and I stopped watching porn
now I record and perform more and I'm top notch form
On the beat by Jaymar like its Associated Fresh
but y'all hoes hate the next shit, so hit the exit
Cuz all I see is Latinas looking like Filipinas
and Filipinas looking like Latinas, Its so genius
Please believe it, Take it or leave it
The Bohemian Behemoth on deck with Taste Jesus
These suckas bust raps for the dumb, deaf and blonde
Man we make rebel songs for the renaissance so get it on

All I know is I'm Gigio (And I'm Taste Nate)
Too hard for the opera, going hyphy on the coppers

All I know is I'm Taste Nate (And I'm Gigio)
Al Green heart chakras, Tai chi party rockers
Track Name: Bayarican Poet's Cafe

Come on now, get down, Cali is active
The beats of the faction, positive magnets
Cuz we highly attractive in the party to masses
of honeys who wanna romance, Anonymous masked men
to the FBI, S-P-I-E-S,
Suckas, still trippin' off how fly we dress
Man is it obvious? Or are we the starring attractions?
Loving this music and this movement, my manifestation
I'm dreaming up love now
cuz brothers gonna work it out somehow
cuz come sun down, I gotta run it down for the lovechild
See, I was born in the bay first
so I gets reborn in the bay working
the mic shift, My four letter laced curse verse
is worth worship
I do it for the seeds curb surfin', I'm lurkin' turf
Checkin' in, its all research
Loyal to the earth, blue collared shirts
Ay-yo some call it conscious
but it still make the college girls twerk
I guess knowledge is power
and you get what you give
Step to the rhythm
Rep whatever it is, the way you live
My message is effervescent

Taste Nate:

I am an Mc But I don’t move crowds
So all you baby mamas
Need to fucking shut your mouths
And all you dead beat daddys
Pull your fucking pants up
My name is Taste Nate
With one half of the Grand Sunz
Spent the last 3 years
Eating Dry ass chicken
Writing jive ass lyrics
Making fly ass music
Everybody’s on my helmet
Cause I ain’t been chasing paper
But I’m the first one
They call up when they
Asking for a favor
Afraid of themselves
Getting passive aggressive
Put love in my thoughts
Burning fear with every session
I don’t have opponents
I don’t need cantonment
If I did they’d get smashed
Like some green tostones
If I wanted recogniton
I would battle for my league
Then every MC
Would be a candle on the street
Got a handle on my ego
So I can channel all my people
It’s like good will hunting
With some Camo and a Peacoat
A panel of Judges
Got the Vamps chopping onions
Until the building gets damp
Like 50 freaks finger fucking
Yeah I’m a foul
But I’m a Wise Ass Owl
Just Give me 1%
And I’ll divide that Power
Track Name: Bayarican Love ft. Ray Rosario
Taste Nate:

Doors open on stolie 4 seater
2 stowaways in back black bearded
Every day he keep the backpack near him
In case he gotta pull a grand daddy snack that’s steering
Electra lanes like armin van buuren
Karmann ghia till the benz spend puritans
Discontent with the church fake idolatry
So he’s altered state like New Yawk New Jawsey
Bayarican art occupy your Twat street
Spike Lee ann rhymes trying to pork you pine my cock meat
Bend it over so I can evacuate my offspring
Vagina Concierge suicide girl door keep
Vanilla greese monkeys course my voice is thirsty
Drank some sailor jerrys grew a terrible bigote
Adams apple fa la lala lo from the soul tree
Fuck the track raw dog with turkey bacon in the morning
Im Bayrican I pastellla on my christmases
Im Bayrican Sheila E my life is Glamorous
Im Bayrican so they handcuff secrets brides
And I still catch her looking at me with the wandering eyes

Ray Rosario:

Don’t fall in Love With a Puerto Rican
You’ll Be freaking all weekend (girl)
if you really up on my level
(Say) Boricua Morena
Mami if you Love with this Puerto Rican
You’ll be fiending then you’ll leave him
You never thought that you could better
(till) Boricua Morena

I'm comin' from the land of Filipinas
I be in the Flats with the field rats or I'm in San Frankorea
Got love for my folkers from El Salvador
When you do it the Bay way, its like you trippin' around the world
I even fucks with the whiteboys in Cow Town
They slap my shit harder than Garth Brooks with my foul mouth
spittin' Mac Dre lingo witha Hieroglyph tongue twist
and vice versa
Plus I might smooth Eddie Murph ya
as I immerse ya, in my world of rap beats and native tongues
Let freedom ring, by where the turn tables spun your favorite song
See the sunlight shine upon ya eyelids
and let me bust one time for your mind like Stop the Violence
And all my chicas be righteous and fine as all fuck
You touch a brother deep, if I could, I'd wife 'em all up
Cuz I love a good woman, but really I'm a hard case
I contemplate my true origins as I star gaze
I'm Bayarican, See they don't make them like me though
I'm Bayarican, indigenous to the hyphy soil
I'm Bayarican, Serve me up with gandules
I run with goons prone to indulge and act foolish, You knew this
Track Name: Crunchy ft. J-Red

Yo! Mexican honeys always on my mind
This is the way I choose to start my rhyme
I got flow, so I do as I please, cuz I'm a pro
Step back, as I impact the scenario
It goes ol' blokes from Britain be spittin' in cockney
Japanese women be chillin', sippin' on sake
while they thinking about me
College kids be illin', while they twisting up broccoli
learning life lessons from Mister Miyagi
Your girl's a flusey
She bought my ticket and took me to the movies
We both got bored as we watched the flick
so I did like Dave Chapelle and showed her the popcorn trick

Taste Nate:

Eye do the damn thang for my Bori Beaver,
Then pull my shorts over my Goalie Knee Cuffs,
Tear-Drop Jump shot pobrecitas,
Lonely Heart Monop-Poly Call me Jesus,
The Cap-Rican Father that's still under 30,
Poncho Sanchez mixed indigo birdies,
I can type my thoughts way faster than I speak them,
So you can clear the air by the time you get to meet him,
Mi Casa Super Nova Cove,
Carlita conyo corazon,
Doma Vita Corleone,
Bossy Woman Lead Um,
Eye be on my Romeo,
Maria on the Homie though,
Roll up another gigio
And pass around the cheeba,
I don't mind listening but I don't like bitching,
But that's the type of shit that gets you likes,
The robot trippin you so autistic,
The way you roll your eyes when you so right,
Track Name: Losing Streak Wildebeests ft. Hayley Goldstein
(Hayley Goldstein)
You say you're a lover boy but you're a hoverboy

(Taste Nate)
I don't dine out I'd rather take home
I'm the Jason Statham on the waitlist for the bacon brung
I don't step out I get stepped on
I'm at the concentration camp for ADHD patients sprung
If it's lonely on the top guess I'm walking on my soul mates
I'm so bolo I told myself you already stole home base
Past precipitation matriarchal meteorology
Study what was ruined like empirical Egyptology
Losing streak wildebeests like Im staring at a victim
Cause the history will repeat if the standards haven’t risen
Thought you handed me the prism,
But you stand there looking stricken,
Like an act of vandalism,
You knew that when you met me I was damaged goods,
That’s why I get discounted on every action made us look,
Like we were inept amorous as tourist passenger
You in the back seat but I’m still holding hands with ya

You made me tuck and roll now I’m in a hazy twilight
Unpreparedness replacing what was once mine,
I look peaceable inside there’s a leaky pipe
Could turn into a flooded marsh if you don’t even treat me right,
Losing streak wildebeests Losing streak wildebeests
Losing streak wildebeests Losing streak wildebeests
Losing streak wildebeests Losing streak wildebeests
Knocked out in the first breath and I was the eight seed

Yeah hon, I highly doubt you would relate
Cuz while you wilding at the club, I'm freestyling in outer space
Time traveling, That's just the downtime flow
When I touch back, I'm in the sewers mining for gold outlining my soul
So before you turn and toss me at the salad bar
I'll let you meet my avatar like This is sure good calamari
Boring, Same old story
Inside John Malkovich dome piece snoring
Cuz time and time again, I fell around the bend
I wish it was a trend but its been the beat of the drum since the beginning
And romance is thinning into a shallow blunder of its own
A game of instinct, I'm just a number in ya phone
And I heard you calling my name but all I traced was static
And the tones felt dramatic Traumatic, as if I'm long gone,
I guess I might be But you can still blow my pipe dream

You took me for a goal and now you chasing hindsight
Tugging my strings so hard, they became untied
I seem reasonable but I be quick to leave you dry
the minute you limit me to the jester-in- your-queendom-guy
Losing streak wildebeests Losing streak wildebeests
Losing streak wildebeests Losing streak wildebeests
Losing streak wildebeests Losing streak wildebeests
I've loved your kind before but not lately.
Track Name: Good Times
Taste Nate:

Been bad with expressions
Got dragged by the tide but the cap is inventive
So Eye
Get dragon defensive
Shoot fire through flutes like ron for impressions
Can’t fathom your exit
If he was the one that you’d brag to friends with
Never ask for attention
App reciation is all that he’s quenching
So Eye
Go lengths with my sentence
Bottle the terms till a legacy ventures
Then Eye
Can have every mention
The greatest elated creative musician

Not a lot of finches can swallow my pride
Carrier pigeons can’t follow hawk eyes
If its pea cocking Im out of my mind
Good times
Chill with all the penguin’s ostriches can fly
Build with the vultures and falcons to find
Good times
Good times


These emus be emo on the d-lo
but a real eagle don't need ya compliments to boost up my ego
Girlfriend, choose up on a hero
that ain't nailed to the crucifix in the cathedral
Cuz I'm real life nice with it
and I'm iller than fiction
Spread love in this land be the militant mission
Bluebirds on my shoulder
so I kick the codeword for the turkeys and the croakers
who think I'm supernova
cuz they saw my crew on the poster for the show
but little do they know
that you reap what you sow, and assumptions be weak
while I be out chicken hawking for pumpkins to eat
She got the plumage on the low with her plump lil' physique
and its something for my beak to tweak on
Seeking good times be like recon
Like soon as I peeped, her master came squaking at me
he seemed lost
so I just stared at him like Peace God!

Roll good times with vocals
Breathe eucalypts; mix freedom in soul food,
Provide the beats for your social
Regal yet boastful we hold gold,
Ed Scissor hands cloth cut
If evil is spoken, we wire your jaw shut
Cook Koshe Halal for the gentiles
Your took photos then we became pen pals
Witch doctors with high struts
Sardine Medicine got the gypsies all hyped up
Pros with the thieves and the jokers
Along the watch tower straight seeing these posers
Keeping it laced like Al Bundy
Taste Nate your quite funny
Bitch better have my money
Don’t take no shorts from you putos
Gigio you a fool though
That’s bay shit bitch you know
Track Name: Walking Upright ft. Danielle Renee

Peace Chicken Little, no, the sky's not falling
but I think the flood's still rollin' in from New Orleans
A lot of misdeeds, A lot of birdies caught for sitting ducks
living just enough for the city corrupt
it made that man Stevie wonder
I'm feeling under the summer, about to fall
I got a hump in my back, I'm hurtin'
Baby I'm fiendin' for a beat like this to bring me back to my person
Ay-yo we panthers is dancers, we was meant to ease with the breeze
but peep the enemies with the steeze
Got my smooth cats mentally fatigued
Hunching and arching, chemistry defeat
Ah never that!
Let me show you where it's at
King Tut somethin', Cleopat yourself on the back
Aztec yourself before you wreck yourself
Tainostradamus, Rebel sonnet, Prose for Poccahontas
Crazy Horse windtalk content
Muhammad was one of God's prophets
Jesus walked on water
and all men were born equal way before Thomas Jefferson
Don't let 'em rob your essence, man
Walkin' upright to the mother land

We walkin' upright, We walkin' upright
Yeah we started that move, I put my heart in that groove
We walkin' upright, We walkin' upright
We the kings of the planet, You need to overstand it
We walkin' upright, We walkin' upright
I got pep in my step, you better check with ya rep
We walkin' upright, We walkin' upright
Elevating progress cuz I'm fresh to death

Taste Nate:

Telling me go get a life
I tell um I don’t need a life
Got you feeling penalized
Inspired by the inner light
I never let it intertwine
I keep um lace I enter mind
Fields with the feeling right
When I’m Walking upright

get on your knees and swear that was tiger crouching 

really plugging to the absolute power outlet

was a space cadet flu every sunrise

nothing to hold me down I was moonwalk walking upright

ex con trails Chemical crowd surfing

trying to block my view of the sun I bounced Down early
right low blow
up right bass flow
Charlie Mingus got my fingers on the stride piano

next level jazz singer nast of the Moricans

her Wonder Bread was so dense it has to be Norwegian

Raw vegan rob the industry asking what's the soup a de jear

walking right up waterfalls iroquois recording boards

want to get the people up test booster dynamics

prosthetic legs or 10 new commandments

lightworkers need not ask from society

we with the highest one to laugh at sobriety


Ay-yo I celebrate life and I celebrate death
(Why's that?) Cuz I'm hella clever and I'm ahead of the rest
I see the haters dawg, they all my children
My sons and daughters, I'm tryna heal them
Cause for resistant resilience
until then we walk like Egyptian lovers
Pilgrims messed up, let the Indian out the cupboard
Free the prisoner from the infrastructure
Let the chef out the Shaft cuz I'm a bad mother - shut your own mouth
You ain't censoring me, I'm extra-sensory
Metaphysically, Mentally, Check my melody, You'll be very pleased
Ahead of my time and I'm an old soul too
My brother Nate bust the oldschool groove

Taste Nate :

Dr said you need a backiotomy
And your brain is fried some calamari meat
You’re so obsessed with foreign policy
The apricot I keep from the pit of poverty
You can claim the game, Intellectual property
You never own up to accept apologies
You wouldn’t admit that you used up all your heat
keep on coming wit it hidden gemology
You can dig it up like paleontology
Was a cave painter with graffiti I’ll agreed
I gotta give it up to the needy harmless seeds
Get your bone structure Tree upright non-be-LEAF
Track Name: Fallen Messiahs ft. Notorious Boris (scratches by DJ Behold)
(Taste Nate)

The Wild Wild West but we on a star Safari
Treats the new world to a Donner Party
What will you order the flesh of my flesh?
Depression Life vest pressed against a nice breast
The ledger suggests who selects to dine next
The lesser zeit guests pressure pressure fried death
Will power only strong as the still downs
A pint of hemoglobe think he really know, How
do you digest a decade of the farfetched?
Ignoramus parade marching through his starched chest
Next, Do you tie tubes if you cant rape the willing-
Ness to buy crude oil in the place of bread spilling?
Spoiler alerts sound kind of like clouds of artillery
Well the real magic man sits alone in tranquility
Preparing for the aftermath of the final hour
The first responder to the straightening of the leaning tower
The green frequency isn’t a gimmick to the guilty
It’s reflected in the innocent prisoners who are still free
I wishing to find youporn torn forms forewarned
Two horned swarms foreign warlords forceful,
Yahweh doesn’t judge as the book so imposes,
It’s there inside of you to construct and take notice,

Ay-yo the god eats swine while I cypher divine
how do I starve these demons of mine without dying inside?
I got freedom on my mind and still I'm idling time
Fuckin' with scum, tryna violate mine's
Pardon me, but there's a part of me I'm trying to find
shattered in pieces, now I'm Jesus, battered in grease
And so we celebrate the savage beast?
Or do we elevate humanity? My yin & yang can't agree
Battling to bloody destruction, Everybody's corrupted
Muddy waters plus sulfuric flush, shit
My inner antennae's cracked, Communication's tapped
Winter has grown longer and I don't know if I'm-a make it back
home before my spirit guides fade to black
What would the natives have done?
What would we be if we could change the past?
Time keeps slippin', I'm feelin' distant
Numb from the inquisition, There's something missing
I'm having visions, intels of spells administering
chemtrails to political Kennedy's, failed self divinity
Fuckin' whores of a lesser being with no knowledge of self
Gettin' high in this provocative Hell
Baphomet head, Cock blockin' computer chip
Stricken stigmata from the crucifix, Bedridden cuckoo's nest
Where is innocence? Where did all the children go?
Plugged into the Matrix trying to heal my soul

(Notorious Boris)
Rose out the dirt from a seed to a man
Smoked a lot of herb, feelin' like Peter Pan
Fuck panhandlin', I'm manhandlin'
fuckboy motherfuckers, knock 'em where they standin'
Demanding revolution, Planning my solution
Captain Planet, bitch, I'm shittin' on polution
The streets is abusive, dawg, trust me, I seen it
Kids sleepin' in the bushes gettin' beat up by polices
Fuck a George Bush and all the elite
They wanna dead me 'cause truth is what I speak
Nicotene in my veins and my pain's still present
It's real in the battlefield, We deep in the trenches
Clutchin' my weapon, Prayin' for forgiveness
Bustin' at these suckas, leave 'em smoked like a swisha
See my folks strugglin' mo' than a little bit
25/8 hustlin', we illegitimate
offspring of degenerates, Mutant mothafuckas
out here gettin' it with hella facial blemishes
Tenderloin fiends pushin' carts fulla garbage
Surenos movin' rocks out of Chinatown projects
Notorious Boris, yo I ain't an artist
I'm a Soviet marksman straight up out the Arctic
Fuck the world, Stick my dick in its twat
I'm shittin' on these bitches then I'm dippin' with my guap.
Track Name: Disciplined Ninjamen ft. BlackCloudMC & Notorious Boris
Notorious Boris:

Ninja men with discipline, suited up in black fits
Backflip on top of dragons, tamed with voodoo magic
Secret orders, holy scriptures/ Tattered cloak of the wizard
Monk robes & blunt smoke/ Katana blades & bald fades
Whips that sit on rims, drippin' wet with candy paint
Dimepieces on that pole, strippin', twerkin', gettin' paid
Young bloods 'bout they bucks/ run through with they guns tucked
Ninja garments/ Hidden gardens/ Come through with the come up


I'm spitting that Death to George Zimmerman
Kill a pig and throw a cotillion like its the Phillippines
That's my kinda party, Mariachi fiesta
Set trippin' on Illuminati, Man these Nazis get f'd up
Hand on my sword like Kill my Landlord
International bad boy, Boogie without a passport
Like James Bond, Call me Agent 707
Don't trust these jealous hoes cuz you never know, brethren
That's how fellas go missin', Man ya life is in danger
Last thing we heard, you took off on a flight from Malaysia
Media hoax, but y'all don't see me, I'm ghost
GiGiO so dope, I slit ya throat like a goat
and peel ya coat for the doe
Str8 Jihad, 9-11 Farenheit
Blessed witha bomb to my chest, I'm going to Paradise
Samurai Jesus, pimped up and tailored down
Chillin' with my ninjas at the mothafucking geisha house

Taste Nate:

The Calm Shaman Swoop you up in chrome Comets
Give you the bob log in roll it up with strange chronics
Jaguar Priest Chilam balam the 13 Katun
Bearded guests from the east come forth as bright as the sun
Intensify the upright beam of god is one and all
King Balthazar just saw the writing on the wall
Babylon come running for the children taste the stench
Profile dirty laundry with beer and cigarettes
Cash Checks on Kevin Cost Ner cause she dances with wolves
Pants are at his ankles watch him vanish to soot
Spoke to Yemaya she said protect the 7 bodies
Hold this crystal Chalice to defend them with Karate
Just to wake you up, a cup of Smokin’ Joe Frazier
The Fight of the Century was fricassee to Taste Nater
So if I bite styles Its just to drive them out of fashion
Ninja Turtle Power Back spinning top of dragons
Track Name: Chris Dorner's Revenge

I rap on behald of black folk
with a bundle on my back and a half broke banjo
Backdoor busride with the drunks and vandals
Thinking rebel thoughts, looking like a young ass Castro
Packin' ammo for these Uncle Sam-bo's, frontin' Rambo's
Scandaloso, ever since I was a tadpole
I been a bad boy lurking shadows
Deep as SF turning shallow
Hipsters and hobos both be wearing sandals
on solid ground
Your truth's watered down
and I'm about to flood the gallows
Like I do when honey touch her ankles
I'm coming at you!
Tryna bullshit the Sitting Bull, I pity the fool
but not before I ritual and split him in two
Ain't here to do vampire interviews, you weird looking dudes
I throw a spear at you, remember that I'm spiritual
Peer into my abstract thought if you feeling braver behavior
cuz I'm down to see Sasquatch and meet my maker
We be the face of the Apocalypse
Horsemen on the block and shit
Your sweetie pie say my seed tastes like chocolate chip
I'm Chris Dorner mothafucka!

Taste Nate:

My porn name is Chris Dorner

I f*** the police every time I get oral

These robcops keeping sex tapes recorded

I get the player pass to restore righteous order

Basketball wives can wait while they loiter

Ill show the real queens they aint snake gods they warriors

The pagan bookstore 
It aint got no borders

Barns get nobel when sheep signs get over

The Counter drug miracles
not as important

As the plan b g mission been aborted

Where it cum from
 Done bust all been loaded

Put the gun down
Too much now controlling

Holding up a peace sign tounge threw the slogen

Means it i eat it up
get sucked through the noogin

Fearless like a dimeltripped out joe rogen

LL capreeck sweet ball sach goldmen

Rather be on my own Jacque Cousteau damn

Fighting for what i love
Wipe my light pole with lotion
Liberty she’s gone
Then I’m Hauling Oats in
Tell me what to do you all get roasted,
Track Name: Sandman Kisses
Taste Nate:

Lord of the Dreams
Morpheus Speech
Endless Nights fights
Justice Leagues
Super Heroes
Spit Dusted Speech
Midnight Theater
Shakes Spears Bleed
Twisted humor
Blue DarkSeid
The Kindly Ones
Trail in the questions
But there’s no sand man
Only fables and reflections

Cause I don’t need it
But I’m looking for it
So I don’t get bored with
My electric stories
Cause I ain’t lonely
I got a listless army
We won’t kill you softly
Cause every kiss is gnarly

Annotated graphic Novels
Dusted cover romantic sagas
Sherlock Holmes in a leather wallet
Death talks about life to a broken promise
Misty seasons and empty bottles
Mythological Creatures
Out the century’s harness
Tragic heroes with a deadly virus
Shot one Green Arrow into a fancy carcass

I won’t back down for no one
I been a sad clown before love
I couldn’t laugh at the circus
If I did I’d spaz out all nervous

I lit my loud mouth on fire
Then ate an old rusty wire
Filled a whole tube with iron
Then blew a fuse kisses prior

Overlap the independent volumes
Bend the pages regret the margins
Dead Boy Detectives
Need to exit prompted
Before we turn this illusion
Into an electric comic


Yeah see
I was Neo all along
The Oracle didn't even need to read my palms
I'm feeling strong
when they tried to do in my Trinity
I caught a clue from infinity
Man they tried to do me a Kennedy
Gil Scott sang Angel Dust
Suckers trying to mask hate with love?
So I'm fucking hella agents up
I got Taste Nate in the cuts
Times of War, so we waiting to bust

Taste Nate:

Ellow Govna
Gene Simsons Tounge Kiss
Touch customers
Blood Book vats red Ink
Plus Jungle Juice
Howard Duck
Adventure into fear
Based Telecasts
Afeni Shakur offed Death Row Publicist
Im the Katmandu to your Wolf Gang Pucks in this
Singing Scat Man Tunes Ella Fitzgerald Thugging it
Putting DMs in sarcophagus Ill C them with my Abacus


The new kings of rock
binging on blues swinging slingshot
got the mic in a Chinese fingerlock
Child of the beatbox, Offspring of autumn
When lambs were silenced in open boxspring coffins
I'm cousins with Death but I've never slept
Consequences of the Rebel hex
Head swirling like deviled eggs
The Bell tolls for me, I made friends with the Raven
In turn, I made this hell hole a haven

Night and day is all the same
I got a shard lodged inside my brain
Only thing that feels real is the pain
but it keeps driving me insane
and it don't help seeing you idiots laugh
while my wounds bleed, pickin' up glass
I got a sword and a Samurai mask
'Bout to get medieval on that ass

Turn me loose in a world of altered dreams
and cardboard pop ups
where cyborgs watch us
like hunger games, aroused off your rocks
and peep how the outlaw outfox the fox
Beast in the belly of
Fuckin' up whatever I see fit
It ain't real 'till it feels my touch
Ugh! Hot water burn baby
The boy in the bubble go rottweiler stir crazy

Look at me now, momma, I made the news
I got blood on my blue suede shoes
and Willie Dixon gon' sing the blues
I get bored easily and its a terrible thing
living this AmeriKKKan nightmare
Put on your black dress and hold my hand
Pout your lips and blow a kiss to the Sandman

Taste Nate:

Razor Blood Eyelids
Don’t Close them
Deteriorate cold flows where the ozone is
Pitch Shift Blitzkrieg
Wish mixed Trees
To a sound garden
Put up with debris of god bodies
I’m headed to the sea with Marc Garvey
My Cassette tape plays without Auxiliary
Thoughts Magneto heavy Armed artillery
Gigio You Killing Me


Now listen up, kiddo
before your mami's weeping like the willow
on your pillow
where you head woulda been restin'
in your bed where ya shoulda been nestin'
but you was puttin' all of your essence
in an outlet that wasn't yours
I heard the oven's hot
in Hell's Kitchen, and now we stumbled upon another plot
This dream has run its course
I Sandman the underscore, Spilling coffee on the motherboard

And ya don't say!
Track Name: The Late Late Late Late Late Show
Taste Nate:

If I were to eat rappers then you would be the condiments.
Just a topical additive no substance in what you spit.
I don’t have a red bottom I am not a baboon
Nail you to an upside-down cross Crucified by spiked shoes.
Meet me by the campfire. Mr. Vampire in Brooklyn
Why cant you walk straight? Is your mangina crooked?
My favorite rapper was a guru, Yours is a Satanist.
Cleaning up the game would be freemason maintenance
It’s al right with me, If its o-kkk with you
My taino is not finito neither is my 1/16th Seux
Mixed misty blue blood in my boiler makers
This the ethic cleansing of your diss information
Im the trifecta cancer causing beat malaria
Just know that I will bodi slam any emcees up in the area
We used to smoke the cohiba leaf dance and play batos
Now we play cat and mouse from KonyFornia Gestapo


I like my coffee like I like my magic, - black
Oh my bad, was that too abstract?
If I shaved my ballsack on stage, would you applaud that?
I don't even know what we doing anymore, Is this called rap?
Is the same hip hop they did in the Bronx back
in the day? What about the voice of these abled poppy mall rats?
Can't they kick it too? Why don't we settle our difference?
Ain't that the point? We should all join the Special Olympics
and be good Christians
I coulda stayed in college and made my parents proud
Married my ex, had lousy sex and carried her self doubt
Gone full Democrat with my tubes tied and tethered down
but in stead I jumped off the ledge like Fuck selling out
and rocked sad clown face like a sadistic juggalo
but I be on some other shit, bitch, I'm uncomfortable
in a bloody crown of thorns cuz my horns is sworn deity
or maybe I'm too sexy for your mothafuckin' TV screen
Track Name: Taking Time ft. The Mighty Leeban

Broke and I don't get paid till Friday
plus posers blowing smoke tryna claim that I'm lightweight
and a dumb tramp coming at me sideways to give me a migraine
cuz I won't save her from her own mind games, Lame
Still I know everything will go my way
Blowin' in the wind how Bob say
Inshallah, I pray for the rappers that I slay
Word to your mother, brother, my soul mischevious like Tajai
I'm takin' my time, babe
Livin' my life like it ain't yours, Its mine, Define fake
from real
Gotta window seat like Badu, bumpin' somethin', I vibrate
Chillax Jack, let the busdriver drive, mayng!
Cuz real life is iller than Tom Hanks
in Philladelphia, still my heart won't concave
I'm wealthier, Thinking about my mom and my pops, by God's grace
I write a classic while these weak suckas draw blanks, I got game

Takin' my time to find what I'm feelin'
This life that I'm livin' is mine so I'm chillin'
Yeah, Takin' my time to rhyme divine brilliance
This life that I'm livin' is mine so I'm buildin'
Everything I see and feel is special to me
So I'm making the most of my memories, just let me be
I'm taking my time to find what I'm feelin'
This life that I'm livin' is mine so I'm buildin'

Taste Nate:

My arch nemesis
The mirror menacing
Best medicine
Laugh out loud leveraging
Memory Bank
A diamond Heist
Italian Job
Medallion Slice
Battalion lost
Perfection Storm
How you Bouta bless the lord?
Devine Brilliance
Says that time
Is a blind Image?
A mirage in the palms
The phasade of the stars
Couple raps on the bars
Several laps on the HAJ
Never Back Pedal
The flower path
When you never pick it up
Make it last forever
One hold share her
But I feel it’s stock piling
Proximity is close and this is god willing
Fung shay chair- men
But there’s a board member
Say that every light heart is a golden goose feather
Track Name: Warranted
Taste Nate:

Energy Pole Lease
Internal shakedown
Wait now I never get in trouble
While I release
Inferno Beasts
I better get a shovel
Keep diggin momentous
Thinking so retro
I’ll never be a force to reckon with ever,
Speaking with god intent
I beg your par den
That’s them me I rather be a rebel

Make a deal with the demon
Use the quill of a phoenix
And if he ever meet his maker
Then his pen games on 8
Yall wait till he seize to exist
You can sit there and play
Every fricken board game
When you get through
You’d still be afflicted
Cause he’s fucking wit you
Dropping tunes on discus
(ahh) Not here to prove non fiction
Got my truth hair triggered
Go and pull my wig back
See who gets the bizness

I’m Warranted
I put my jacket on backwards I wornt it
Pull an accent out my ass and I recorded it
I never really gave a fuck about your origins
I’m Warranted
Even if I never lived up
To the definition of
Im eleven different thugs
Busting several pistol guns
I’m forever living once
Can’t imagine killing magic
Cause it never really was
Can you tell that this is love
I’m mature than
Three million girls doing choruses
Cause if it was up them you’d whores in
A pretty piece of lace going foraging
Cause I’m Warranted


Dog spelled backwards is God, remember that
These model male rappers is fraud, She be into that
Life stricken tragic from the start
while I masterpiece art, she say I'm actin' bizarre
Funky on the mic like I'm secretin' an odd stench
Rising starlet making out with the frog prince
Stepped in her bedroom and seen my dirty paw prints
but the way she dug her claws in my back would make ya mom cringe
And what ya mom know anyway?
You been brainwashed like the Lincoln backseat by JFK
Or was that too soon?
But see I couldn't feel time in my Mothman coccoon
I been to the dark side of the moon
and believe all the planets harmonized while I crooned
Crowned Uranus, rockin' Saturn's rings
and these flows be so cold cuz I know what the pattern means
Track Name: No Words

Cuz real life
is realer than art
Don't it feel like a knife when its drilling your heart?
Surreal like a play where I'm living the part
Caught between the love motion and the militant march
There is a world for this

The joys and the pains
There are no words for this
You think you're going insane?
There are no words for this
And all the choices you've made
There are no words for this
Don't be afraid of the rain
There is a world for this
There are no words for this

I woke up in a dream within a dream
behind the glass mirrors and smoking screens
and all the go-in-betweens
I heard the voices of ghosts screaming
I looked closely and saw children
I walked to them and wiped they noses clean
Unfold meanings below the scenes
A dope fiend was singing and it felt holy to me
like poetry
I realized every living entity is sage worthy
regardless of the schemers who stage verdicts
so pray for mercy
While we're spiraling inside a time warp
Find yours when you surrender to divine force
Dejavu always feels familiar
Family all around my hemisphere, everywhere
inside and without
The skies came crashing down
so I laugh and I cry 'till passion drowns me
I saw the goddess come back to the god
All the children of Atlantis went back to the stars
Love matters of hearts took it back to the start
Blessed be my crown of thorns though I'm practically scarred
I'm coming apart at the seams
I am all that there is
As we became heart of the scene
who authored it all
so empires would topple and fall
We wrote autumn so I shall resemble
all the glory of Allah and I begin to
live within U-
Niverse, Inverse, Renew

Taste Nate:

I came up from the burrows of the URLs
Inching in to give dark-skinned girls all the pearls
I am a rhetorical quandary
Peeled off in the night with a blond blue eyed Ghandi
There are kingdoms build out of solid graphite
We scratch through megaliths under palace moonlight
Place a fern beneath my window with jade under my pillow
So when I leave my bedroom I share my with all my elo
Heim I tiptoe on the ceilings in my dreams
And never once had I been forbidden for my deeds
Cause we all have the same face but nothing is mistakable
It’s not about getting to heaven its about who you get to take with you
I’ll never make you pay to cruise
Alpha Delta Beta made to delay the fools
Take the Omega trail to end the maze of rules
Animals tell better stories than any maharishi
So I roll around on grass with dogs and laugh till I get dizzy
Still in the vicinity of the tendencies of your ministries
But I never took a zen retreat
We meditate within the sound of sentence rate
We will not be condemned by the achievements that you penetrate
No words can explain
No words can explain
Its been inserted in your chain
The same chain seen disturbance and disdain,
No words are more deserving than the thoughts we pray
Let Love be into each and in every way,